When choosing what in this wide world I will dedicate my time to creating I first dwell on three questions. What have I found in my studies or experiences that would be of interest to others? Will this piece inspire myself or others to smile, meditate, to create or even to pause and catch their breath?How can I best share this moment in a way that I have not seen before?  

Photography courtesy of Alice Gao. Content for demo purposes only.


Western History

Growing up in my family there is no surprise that my first love was for the western history. As I have traveled I have loved seeing the international fascination with our Wild West. It is a history of hard men and hard times that helps us find ourselves the more we learn of it. 


Grandad's Day

I think we are all a little bit fascinated by our Grandparents. With my Dad that was going back to his Granddad being a cowboy. For me that is going back to my Grandfather being one of those guys who wore a suit to dig a ditch. I know my view of life back in his day is romanticised. But I also know that with just a little bit of time and distance we see the best of what those hard times had to offer. 


I've only started my first piece in this series but if only you could see the compositions in my head... Lord willing you will see them before to long. This series will delve not into their music, which has been studied by sharper minds than mine. But into who they were in their hearts and what moved them to create their audible masterpieces.